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10 Confessions of a Desperate Marijuana Grower

There are many marijuana memes about users who have been in desperate situations at one point or another, especially when it comes to growing marijuana, where every bit counts. Legalization has been an ongoing issue, causing some strange and desperate situations across every state. Here are ten funny and crazy confessions of desperate marijuana growers. Read these crazy quotes brought to you by LEDGrowLightsExpert.com

Crazy stories

1. Bong Water is Basically Sewer Water

“I was growing a small marijuana plant in my bedroom closet when I was a teenager. Legalization was a big issue when I was younger, so I didn’t want my parents knowing what I was doing. I was quite paranoid about my secrecy, to the point where I couldn’t let myself blatantly take a pitcher of water to my room to water my plant. I had to bring small quantities of water bottles to my room, but I was stingy about just pouring them into the pot. I used them in my bong first and when the water became unusable, I used it to water my plant. I didn’t know much about growing marijuana back then, but I learned quite the lesson when my closet began to reek of what smelled like sewer water. My plant died a few weeks later.”

-Danny G. (22)

2. He Used What?

“I read online about using manure to enrich the plant. I didn’t want to spend any money on buying large sacks of the stuff. So I gathered up my dog’s poop and used it as manure to fertilize the soil. It was disgusting but well worth it.”

-Joseph T. (20)

3. Tea for Grandma

“My grandmother was a gardener and tended our backyard. I planted some weed in a section of our yard I didn’t think she used or noticed. My plant got big enough that my grandma noticed it and saw me tending it occasionally. I didn’t want her telling my parents what it was, so when she asked me about it I told her it was for tea to help me focus. Later on, she asked me about it again and I had to serve her some weed tea. I was terrified it would kill her because she was so old. Nothing happened and my parents never knew about it.”

-Mark R. (24)

4. Make Use of All of It

“I was a teenager when I first started growing pot. I grew it out of my closet and it died right away. I didn’t know anything about growing weed. I smoked what I could from the plant, and was so desperate I considered eating the soil. I actually harvested the soil and tried to clean it out properly to eat it. There was this weird tutorial online on how to sanitize dirt and I realized it was a stupid plan when all the instructions were complicated.”

-Randy B. (20)

5. Bright Idea

“When I was younger, I was paranoid my neighbors would spot my plant and try to snatch it if I placed it in my backyard. So I grew it out of my bedroom. At least I tried to grow it. I was so dumb. I tried to use a regular household lightbulb to get it to grow. Of course, it died. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

-Dogan O. (31)

6. Pleading Innocent

“When I was in high school, my parents caught me growing two pots of marijuana in my bathroom connected to my bedroom. My younger brother was in middle school and I blamed it on him. I told my parents I didn’t know what the stuff was and that my younger brother asked to put the plants in there. Of course, they didn’t believe it. My brother was only 11 years old and I was 17.”

-Canela A. (26)

7. The Employer

“I had a pretty sweet setup in my backyard. I had like eight or nine plants growing in my backyard. I was sick of watering them every day and got lazy. I hired my little brother to water them every day. I paid him five cents for every plant he watered.”


8. Spicy

“I got ahold of what I thought were marijuana seeds. This girl I knew was super into pot and I think she grew some of her own. I wanted to impress her with my own plant. When it got to a small, but decent size, I invited her over. I was so stupid. When she saw it, she laughed and said it wasn’t weed. She was right. It was so long ago. I don’t remember what the seeds ended up being. It was like oregano or some crap.”

-Alfonso T. (24)

9. Gym Clothes Nightmare

“I was growing a small plant out of my closet. After I harvested from the plant, it was letting off its signature odor. I was scared my parents would find out because of the smell so I started hoarding my dirty gym clothes and piling it up around my room. It was disgusting but so worth it.”

-Patrick G. (27)

10. The Bob Marley

“When I was growing a marijuana plant during high school, I researched ways to get it to grow faster and better. I read that singing it songs would help. I sang Bob Marley songs to it. I don’t really think it helped.”

-Carly A. (24)

Growing weed isn’t really a science, but these guys sure turn it into one. Don’t make mistakes like these people. Like and share these stories with your friends to prevent them from embarrassing themselves like these folks.

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