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2016 MLB All-Star Game: The Pictures You Need To See

Tonight was the always entertaining MLB All-Star Game, where the best players from every team in Major League Baseball join forces to play, National League vs. American League. The National League brought the best aces it had to offer, while the American League was stacked with hard-throwing relief pitchers. It’s no surprise with that in mind that this game was a low-scoring affair. Ultimately, the American League got the better of the National League. A couple of home runs by Royals players were the key, and the AL took the game 4-2, obtaining home field advantage for the World Series in October.

The score was low, but plenty of offensive players shined. Pitchers did their job as well. Young players impressed, both on offense and defense. Strikeout pitchers struck out hitters, and home runs didn’t necessarily come from the big power hitters. Overall, it was a fun game for anyone who wanted to watch the best of the best face off. (Getty)

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