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5 Retro Highway Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Nicolai Danielsen

It seems like everything that’s beloved these days has some retro goodness attached to it.

Now if we’re talking about the best parts of the 80s, there’s plenty of TV shows, films, clothing, and video games that harken back to that bright and poppy period in time. That can also be said about the good ol’ days that were the 90s. Now if you were a dedicated gamer during those golden age’s, then you probably enjoyed hit racers such as Spy Hunter, Road Rash, and Excitebike.

Video game developer Nicolai Danielsen revisits the addictive and equally entertaining nature of those games with his new mobile racer, Retro Highway. There’s a ton of fun to be had with this release, which is why we’re here to help you rule the game’s pixelated roads.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Retro Highway.

1. Boost While You’re Airborne and Pull off Some Close Call’s

Retro Highway Tips

Nicolai Danielsen

• When it’s time to hit the road, your primary goal is to make it as far as possible. Besides your best attempt to fly right past your previous travel record, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for coins, truck ramps that send you into the air, and assorted power up’s. The farther you drive, the more dangerous each lane of the road becomes. When you do spot a ramp, hit your boost. You’ll break the speed limit and go just a bit more higher as you collect the usual trail of coins you’ll fly right into.

• Just be careful when you finally make contact with the road again – you’ll need to be masterful with your car dodging and lane changing when your road hog is moving even faster than usual. By the way, you should tap into your 8-bit daredevil. This means you should dodge incoming cars at the very last minute in order to get a Close Call notification pop up that awards you with extra coins.

2. Focus on Upgrading Your Coin Power Up

Retro Highway Tips

Nicolai Danielsen

• Keep your eyes peeled for random power up’s while you’re taking your usual pixelated daily/evening drive. There’s three of them – a coin multiplier that doubles the amount of coins you get just for picking up a single one, a magnet that automatically sucks in any coins in your vicinity, and a shield that protects you smashing into on-road hazards. You can upgrade all three of these power up’s with the coins you collect.

• Be sure to focus the majority of your power up upgrading efforts on the coin multiplier. Coins are needed to purchase new rides and further improve your power up’s, so you’re much better off getting as many as possible with the help of your upgraded coin multiplier. The magnet power up takes second place in importance of useful power up’s, while the shield should be your last priority when it comes to power up’s you should upgrade more.

3. So How Do You Unlock the Rest of the Tracks and Motorcycles?

Retro Highway Tips

Nicolai Danielsen

Retro Highway features six tracks in total – Emerald Hills, Great Desert, Moon Base, Rocky Mounts, The Downtown, and Candy Land. Each track has a particular stat meter connected to how many coins it has, plus the severity of car traffic and road hazards you’ll encounter. Emerald Hills is playable from the start, but you’ll need to clear several challenges before you can unlock the next stage.

• As you play through each stage, you’ll be notified when you’ve just completed a challenge. And once you finally wipe out, you’ll spot a list of additional challenges you still have to clear. If two out of the three challenges placed in front of you seem a bit too hard to accomplish, you can watch video advertisements in order to easily finish them. Sure, it takes all the hard work out of doing them by actually playing the game. But if you’re desperate to move on to the next track and just have one or two challenges left to complete, just sit through those short video ads. After using this challenge skip trick, you’ll need to wait 30 minutes before you can activate it again for other challenges.

Retro Highway Tips

Nicolai Danielsen

• As for the total selection of vehicles featured in Retro Highway, there’s 11 of them to purchase. You’ll start out with the Pizza Boy and have to spend some serious coin in order to unlock the following – the Freak, the Vagabond, the Amateur, the Daredevil, the Hellrider (a ride inspired by the mobile game Hellrider 2), the Enthusiast, the Savage, the Adventurer, the Racer, and the Bosozoku. Each motorcycle comes with its own speed, handling, and durability stats. You’ll need a massive amount of coins in order to acquire each one. Check out each ride by navigating through the vehicle menu to see which ones are on sale and the total stats for each one.

4. Watch Video Advertisements to Get Free Replays and More

• Video advertisements may be annoying to sit through, but they’ll get you very far in Retro Highway. As the last tip mentioned, you can view quick video advertisements in order to complete challenges. Besides that major assist, sitting through a video advertisement allows you to get a free restart after your first car crash. You can also head to the main menu and gain some free boost just by watching a quick video ad for another mobile game.

5. Go Straight to the Main Menu From Time to Time to Get Extra Coins

• If you take a quick detour to the main menu from time to time, revert your eyes to the bottom right corner. You may be given a gift in the form of free extra coins. And just like the last tip mentioned before, the main menu also lets you know when you have a chance to gather more boost by watching a video advertisement.

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