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AdvancedLED DS XTE 200 Review

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AdvancedLED DS XTE 200 Review
New indoor growers are often put off by the initial cost of LED grow lights. Advanced LED Lights’ Diamond Series XTE 200 takes advantage of the best LED grow light technology without busting your budget. The LEDs used in the DS XTE 200 are from the highest quality manufacturers in the world. Coupled with Advanced LED Lights’ extra attention to cooling and current control, these LEDs have the potential to last up to 100,000 hours with minimal luminosity drop-off.

Key Features

  • High-flux, U.S. made 5W CREE XT-E LEDs that output twice the power of competing 5W LEDs
  • U.S. made 3W OSRAM SSL 660nm lamps for deep red spectrum
  • Full control over spectrum output and intensity
  • Computer-designed reflector technology
  • A highly efficient LED cooling system
  • Tight current control from advanced drivers to extend LED life
  • Compared to a 600W HPS, the XTE 200 has 113 percent higher PAR/watt
  • Its PAR per watt is well over three times that of a comparable MH light
  • Its PAR/watt is 79 percent higher than competing 5W LED grow lights
  • It puts out 36 percent and 28 percent more PAR/watt than the California Lightworks 200 and Kind L600, respectively


  • Size – 14″ x 12″ x 3″ depth
  • Weight – 9 lbs.
  • Input voltage – 110 to 240 VAC
  • Power consumption – 165W
  • Nominal coverage area – 2.5′ x 3′
  • Spectrum – Supplies red and blue PAR areas most important for photosynthesis. Spectrum balance and intensity are fully adjustable.



  • Highest-efficiency, longest-lasting LED and SSL lamps
  • 5W LEDs run at 3.9W, highest in their class
  • 90-degree collimated reflectors keep a tight light border
  • Built-in power sockets permit daisy-chaining units
  • 3-year warranty and 90-day risk free trial


  • Size is only for small grow beds. Larger models may be more cost-effective.

PAR Efficiency Bar None

AdvancedLED DS XTE 200 Spectrum Output

A picture (to your right) of the DS XTE 200’s spectrum output shows how PAR-efficient these lights are. It puts out the light your plants need at both the blue and red ends of the spectrum. The DS XTE 200 puts out an impressive 14.71 PAR/watt.

Advanced LED Lights have run extensive tests in their research center to compare the XTE 200’s PAR output compared to other grow light technologies and competitors’ LED products.

Optimal Intensity and Spectral Efficiency

The DS XTE 200 covers the high PAR segments of the light spectrum using two different solid-state lighting devices. The 5W CREE XT-E LEDs cover the blue end of the spectrum while the OSRAM SSL devices provide deep red around 660nm. Together, they provide the same PAR as a 400W HID for less than half the electricity usage.

The DS XTE line has the same advanced LED collimator reflectors used in their DS XML series. These direct light at a 90-degree angle, so few lumens escape past the border of the growing bed. These also ensure excellent canopy penetration as plants grow thicker. The XTE line of grow lights are rectangular in shape and the XTE 200 is ideal for a 2.5 ft. by 3 ft. bed when mounted about 24 inches above the bed.

The spectrum and intensity controls make the DS XTE 200 shine as a grow light for all seasons. With these controls, the grow light can be adjusted for exactly the type of growth you desire. Whether it is vegetative or flower growth you are after or when starting seedlings or cloning, these adjustments mean one light to do it all.

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AdvancedLED DS XTE 200 ReviewWhat Buyers Are Saying

The separate color channel dimmers are very popular features among buyers as they allow fine-tuning of the PAR during vegetative and flowering stages. Instead of a simple on-off switch that other light manufacturers use to switch spectrum, the DS XTE 200 lets you ease plants from one stage into another. Switching spectrum also saves energy. Experienced growers are reporting higher yields because of this feature.

First-time LED grow light buyers are impressed with Advanced LED Lights’ build quality and the very efficient, but very quiet ventilation system that includes multiple fans with dust covers. They are also impressed with the size of the LED heat sinks, which indicate the product will meet its expected lifespan.

checkFinal Verdict

Especially for first-time growers or those just dipping their toes into LED grow lights, the Diamond Series XTE 200 is an excellent choice. You get a quality light at a decent price that is big enough to judge its effectiveness.

For indoor veg or herb gardening, the results reported have been outstanding and usually lead to buying another or a larger light in the same series.

As with all Advanced LED Lights products, their generous 90-day, no-hassle return policy and 3-year warranty demonstrate their confidence in their products.

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