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An LED Ticker As a Business Tool

When people think of high-tech digital  technology  and how it can be used in their business, an  LED  ticker is not always the first thing to come to mind, is it? It seems a bit basic and most of us don’t think of it as a dynamic way to reach out to customers. But the changing nature of this  technology  and the fact that  LED  tickers are so cheap make it a very attractive solution when you consider what they have to offer, so let’s stop for a minute and look at just what that is.

Here are some interesting benefits offered by today’s streaming tickers.

Financial Institutions

One of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of this type of digital display is numbers, and that still holds true today. And  LED  ticker is an excellent way to deliver a constant stream of numerical data, like stock prices, changing interest rates, or sport scores. The most common way to take advantage of his is in any type of financial institution.

And it’s not just the practicality that is being leveraged in this type of situation?because what this type of display also lends is atmosphere. The streaming data feed and the highly unique presentation of an  LED  display immediately stands out and sends a signal of what your business is all about and how serious you are about what you do. This is why we are even beginning to see them pop up in business schools who want to take education the extra mile and immediately draw their students into the world they are preparing for.

Sports-Related Businesses

This same mix of practicality and atmosphere can be harnessed by any sports-related business? Again, in the case of a sports bar, throw up a cost-effective  LED  ticker and you instantly send a message about what your business stands for and how serious you are about your “athletic” image.

Where We Want Our News

Another interesting way these types of displays can be used is to present news headlines, and we see this a lot in schools and universities that want to keep students up to date on what is happening in the world. However, the news doesn’t always have to be news about the world?it can also be local news or even in-company news that directly affects your customers.

Is something out of stock that your customers might appreciate knowing before they wait in line for 15 minutes? Are you featuring some type of sale and want a dynamic way to communicate to customers while they are entering the building or waiting their turn? This is a great way to do this and your message is your choice.

Creative Architecture

 LED  tickers also offer one of the best ways to harness digital  technology  if you have limited space or are working with an oddly shaped room?domes and curved walls instantly come to mind. These displays are sold by the foot and reach virtually any distance, and you can have them created to conform to any shape, no matter how angled or curved. They can even be set up with a vertical data feed and be run up a wall or column.

It’s Really Up to You

And before you let all the above make you think that your limiting yourself to these types of solutions if you go with an  LED  ticker rather than some more complex, more expensive display, think again. The latest models come with great graphics and a wide range of colors, so you can pretty much display any kind of information you want, even video.

Source by James Druman

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