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Best Grow Tents Reviews for Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics

If you are seeking the best grow tents reviews and recommendations, or just want to understand what is a grow tent or the benefits of using a grow tent, this article for you.  Read on below, to see list of the best grow tents on the market, and review the popular grow tent kits and grow light kits to help you get started to grow weed fast and easy.


Basic Best Grow Tents

Looking for the best grow tent? Indoor hydroponic plants always need a perfect environment in order to grow without any of the side effects brought about by excess/insufficient lights and unregulated heat. Through this controlled process, plants manage to sprout, produce and achieve the best of use of nutrients in an environment that favors them. The grow tents are reputed to offer the best of a climatic condition for plants and  ensure that they are able to mature and grow healthier without any side effects. The following types of tents are well known for offering good growth conditions and therefore, excellent yields in the  best plants.
1. GrowDen Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent Greenhouse Box Room 5’x5’x6.6′

This one is known as the best indoor growing tent due to its features and a perfect design that offers multiple useful functions. It is easy to grow  indoor hydroponic plants with the use of this tent as it offers the best of outcome. It is well known for offering ideal conditions for young seedlings,allowing them to grow in a quick and healthy manner. This in turn ensures a great yield later in the year.  The exterior of the GrowDen is made of a super-heavy duty oxford cloth that lasts longer and is durable enough to help you obtain a great harvest.

The inner lining has the best non-toxic reflective silver and a water proof Mylar product that guarantees the plants a perfect environment. It has the best exterior-zippers so that you can easily set it up in a few minutes. The frame is strong, sturdy and made of metal rods for perfect support.  Finally, the grow tent has multiple ventilations that are capable of accommodating a wide range of  filters and fan modules.  I think it is the perfect size to fit almost anywhere, making it one of the best grow tents you can buy.

2. Xen-Lux Premium Indoor Hydroponic Plant Growing Room Tent – 10′ x 5′ x 6’8″


This is a  well designed grow tent that has the perfect size of 10′ x 5′ x 6’8″. It is known to offer top of the class outcome by making sure that the internal environment of the grow tent is perfectly amenable to control and is therefore ideal for being manipulated in a manner that ensures the best outcome. The plants are well kept and checked to offer the best of a perfect outcome. It is a  well designed tent that is also known as commercial-grade tent made of top quality material that is fire resistant, puncture resistant and capable of resisting mold and mildew. ..

It is extremely efficient and very reflective making the interior possess the right level of illumination at all times. . It is easy to assemble and you can do it in minutes without any tools. The premium indoor hydroponic is suitable for all growing systems and compatible with all lights. This premium Indoor hydroponic tent is bigger in size and will accommodate a good number of plants providing the best spacing that allows for breathing and easy growth.

3. Reflective Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

Best Choice Products Reflective Mylar 96

This tent is perfectly known to offer users the best climate for the in-door hydroponic plants, which in turn catalyzes the rapid and healthy growth of plants. The Reflective Mylar has a dark room that is highly reflective to offer plants the best conditions to sprout and grow healthier. The tent has a smart water proof make that is well designed with top quality material; the material is completely non-toxic and water proof.

It is known as a heat isolative make that offers the best environment for indoor cultivation. Coupled with such benefits are those of flexibility of use and placement anywhere in the house including the living room, loft, bedroom, garage or garden shed. This ease and simplicity helps beginners who wish to try their hand at indoor cultivation but don’t want to try out something too complex.

All these grow tents are reputed to offer the best climatic conditions for your indoor hydroponic plants, made of non-toxic materials and heat resistant to a great extent, they guarantee the plants a perfect and comfortable environment. You should seek to purchase for the best tents when you want to perfectly manage your indoor hydroponic plants.


Top 5: Gorilla Grow Tent All-in-One Combo Kit Reviews

best grow tentsIf you are getting ready to set up a new grow operation, then you are going to need several components starting with the best LED lighting, along with possibly a grow tent, ventilation fan(s), and a few other things.  You might have already seen my guide to help you choose the best indoor growing tent.  Well, the folks at Gorilla Grow Tents (makers of some of the best grow tents) have created something really special that we want to share with you here. Read on! Don’t forget about safety grow room glasses.

These are all-in-1 combo packages that provide you with all the necessary components in one single combo package, and take all the guesswork out of the planning process, and can possibly reduce your overall costs. With one of these combo kits, you’ll be able to get your grow operation up and running in no time! Check out my reviews and more background information below.

Top 5 Gorilla All-in-One Kits in the Market Today

1. Gorilla Grow Tent (2′ x 4′) LED Combo Package

combokit2x4One of the smaller tent kits on offer from Gorilla Grow, the unit comes with an excellent LED grow lighting panel that has been prepared by the experts at Hydrogrow.com for the Gorilla tent. Speaking of the tent, it is just the right size for growing a few plants of medium height, and allows the beginner to experiment and learn. Combined with a total height of 6’ (expandable to between 8’ and 10’), these dimensions make this tent just about large enough for amateur commercial cultivation while allowing it to be easily manageable and maintainable.

Such manageability is further bolstered by the presence of active air carbon filter controllers in the kit, which allow the user to regulate the amount and quality of air entering and leaving the grow tent. Along with a clip-on fan and active air duct fan speed adjuster, these make the unit ideal for those who are just learning the ropes and hence need a well-constructed system that is customizable yet sufficiently well-constructed to require little modification.

2. Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4′ x 4′) LED Combo Package

combokit4x4Moving from a smaller rectangular shape to a larger square one that is capable of accommodating 3-4 SoG/ScroG units, we find that HydroGrow.com has managed to meet the LED lighting requirements for the larger area without however pushing up the price. Hence, we get a larger variant of the KIND K3 L600 LED Grow Light panel with this unit.

The tent on the other hand, is part of the Gorilla Grow Tent LITE series, and is therefore endowed with a range of additional advantages including extra height enhancement options, a handy tool pouch and an efficient flood pool. Along with all these, the LITE tent also offers improved safety features, having been created specifically with the grower’s physical well-being in mind.

Like its 2’x4’ cousin, this Grow Tent LITE kit comes with a range of active air filters that, interestingly, comes with a 6” pre-filter as well. These air control mechanisms are well-complemented by the presence of an active air Hygro-Thermometer that keeps tabs on the changing barometric pressure and/or temperature levels inside the tent as growing progresses. Adding to these the premium 6” x 25’ ducting that is provided as part of the combo, it becomes clear that the 4’ x 4’ variant is equally easy to use and manage as its smaller counterpart.

3. Gorilla Grow Tent (4′ x 8′) LED Combo Package

combokit4x8As we move to larger sizes meant for those active in the professional growing industry, we find that PlanetEarthHydro.com, unlike a majority of competitors, does not attempt to cut corners by putting up huge and hence difficult to manage LED panels. Instead, the company has come up with two LED grow light panels which combine to provide adequate lumens without producing the all-too-common “dark” areas at the edges. The lighting durations and cycles can be easily modified using a Hydrofarm Dual Outlet Grounded timer.

At the same time, the combo also avoids frame weakness, a common problem among larger units, by providing a 4-pole interconnected frame structure that can sustain weights of up to 300lbs. Making the overall construction even more stable are 2 HydroFarm 1/8” rope ratchets and a 6” flange. With there being a number of well-positioned double-cinching ducting ports to improve the operational efficiency of the tent, these features allow the product to cater to the needs of the small-scale professional growers regardless of the plants he/she is growing.

4. Gorilla Grow Tent (10′ x 10′) LED Combo Package

combokit10x10Almost double the size of the previous unit, this kit is in many ways tangible proof of how the Gorilla tent can be steadily expanded, accommodating larger and more varied components as it begins to cater to greenhouse-class requirements. Hence, we find the tent accommodating 3 KIND LED panels without any hint of irregular or excess lighting.

Running 3 LED panels does of course, enhance the amount of heat involved and to this end, the Gorilla Grow Tent’s inherent coolness becomes vital in ensuring that the plants are not adversely affected. Apart from being cooler than other tents, the Gorilla tent is also resistant to IR emanating from exterior sources. Last but not least, the Diamond Reflective Walls tend to ensure adequate reflection of LED light onto the plants from all sides.

While this unit comes with all of the air and temperature/humidity features mentioned in the previous Gorilla Grow Tent All-in-One Combo Packages Reviews, what really matters in this size bracket is the stability and durability of the unit. Contributing to the stability factor is a heavily reinforced frame that can handle pressures of up to 500lbs while the durability of the unit is enhanced by the fact that the walls are 3-9x thicker than the average grow tent. Coupled with the presence of 360 degrees durable zipper openings for easy entry/exit, these features make the large tent combo as easily manageable as some of the smaller variants.

5. All-In-One 10×20 Gorilla Grow Tent Kit 1000w KIND LED XL1000 Package

combokit10x20The last contender in our list of Gorilla Grow Tent All-in-One Combo Packages Reviews, this product is meant for medium to large-scale growers. Coming with multiple 1000W KIND LEDs, this combo makes use of multiple power strips and multi-speed fans with spring-loaded clips and adjustable heads to keep heating at bay.

The tent itself has been modified to allow for multiple exits and, as would be necessary for such huge spaces, multiple EZ view windows that allow for monitoring of the growing process from the outside without affecting the temperature/humidity of the interior.

In terms of operational control, the combo multiplies the number of Hydrofarm dual outlet timers, such that these 24-hour cycle units can regulate different parts of the tent and thus allow for different growing cycles to proceed in the same tent.

Keeping in mind the large number of electrical components, a number of 8-outlet surge protectors have been provided to keep the delicate equipment safe from electrical damage. With all of these components coming with power cords of 6’ or greater, it can be said that even at such large sizes, the Gorilla Grow tent combo is capable of working its magic without driving prices out of the roof.

What is a grow tent kit and what’s included?

All Gorilla Grow Tent kits offer the same quality and the components are sized accordingly for the given space and are designed to integrate together properly. Some of the features of the different combo kits will vary since each model is aimed at a particular growing space and a specific set of growing needs. So it is useful to know which units are most commonly used, and also what the different features are. To this end, here I go through the basic functions of an all-in-one growing package in general, and the benefits of buying one.
The necessary components are:

  1. Grow tent (usually a water-repellent, externally opaque and internally reflecting synthetic material for maximal lighting).
  2. LED Grow lights, hangars, fixtures and clamps.
  3. Ventilators, air filters and cooling units (important for keeping temperature and humidity under control)
  4. Ordinary fans for cooling those working inside the tent.
  5. A water-repellent floor matt or foil for covering the floor.
  6. Rods, beams and connectors that would make up the tent’s frame
  7. Digital thermometers and pressure indicators.

As mentioned above, a grow tent kit (combo package) combines all the essential components of a grow room with a durable growing tent to offer a one-stop solution for people who are looking to get started quickly but also want to avoid many of the mismatches and errors of judgment that are part and parcel of setting up a grow tent for the first time.

While the assembly would still have to be done by the user, the parts are such that the assembly can be quick and easy. These are particularly great for those who don’t have the full knowledge to properly design their system, or who may not have the time to tediously research the individual components in detail.

Using one of these combo kits is a great option for the hobbyist or professional alike, or someone who’s system has suffered damage or theft and who want to assemble a new grow tent for their plants quickly and easily. Or, if you ever have to relocate, you can take the whole kit and move it and reassemble it. This is a major convenience of a grow tent (among other benefits) compared to building permanent structures.

Hence, a good grow combo kit must include all components that a grower would normally need, along with enough tools to allow him/her to assemble the product quickly and without professional assistance.  These kits all start with a Gorilla grow tent, which is arguably one of the best grow tent on the market, along with the following other components.

What are the benefits of an all-in-one combo kit?

I’ve heard of so many people to do a poor job of designing their grow system, and end up with not enough lighting for the space, or waste their money on the wrong lighting or other wrong choices. In this case, the combo kit has been designed and put together by professionals, so you can expect superior results!

The major benefits of choosing a grow tent kit over purchasing the components separately are:

  • Cheaper than buying separate individual components – All-in-one packages are created by companies that source the individual components in bulk from the factories and thus can pass on a percentage of their lower buying costs to the consumer. Hence, the combined cost of a combo kit is often far lower than that of the individual components in the open market.
  • No guesswork, convenient solution – Putting together a growing tent can be a risky process since it is not known whether the tent, lights, cooling systems and other vital components would match with one another. Combo kits, on the other hand, are put together by experts who have experimented with a wide range of combinations and recommend the correct one based on experience. The amateur grower benefits from such experience when the parts shipped complement each other perfectly.
  • Optimal space-light equilibrium – Most LED grow lights are optimized for a certain area distribution. Such distribution can be further changed using proper lenses and reflecting shades. Such calculations are difficult to carry out and further, even the best calculations might fall flat if the tent is not sized correctly. These combo packages offer tents that have just the right amount of space and optimal internal reflectivity for the lighting included.
  • Grow tents have proven effective – Compared to grow rooms, grow tents are spaces created specifically for the purpose of growing plants. Hence, they lack many of the complexities that a grow room, which was originally a closet, an attic, a basement or a spare living room, may have. Instead, the surfaces of the tents are smooth and their dimensions are uniform, allowing for maximum spread of lighting. Coupled with great space-light equilibrium, this makes growing in tents an interesting and effective option.
  • Benefits of LED lighting – Contrary to what they were in earlier days, LED grow lights today are cooler, more efficient, less cumbersome (because of lack of a ballast) and far cheaper than what they were before. This makes LED grow tents the best variant of tents available in the market.


It is not possible to cover the salient features of all Gorilla tent combo kits in a single article so we had to choose sizes that are most in demand. That said, many of the features of these tent combos remain constant and even improve across tent sizes. Further, as our Gorilla Grow Tent All-in-One Combo Packages Reviews showed, the tents are capable of handling massive physical pressure without losing any of the operability, stability or safety that Gorilla tents are known for.

It is hoped that with our brief explanation of the benefits of going for combo kits instead of buying components separately, these reviews will enable you to make a wise and economical choice and in doing so, reduce your effort while assuring yourself of personal and/or professional growing success.  If you’re interested in learning more about the growing cannabis business, check out this guide on how to grow marijuana.

Lastly we want to remind you about getting a pair of safety grow room glasses to shield your eyes against harmful UV light while tending your plants.

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