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Breath of the Wild: How to Get Ravio’s Hood (Merchant Hood)

Collin MacGregor

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s second DLC has officially dropped and it’s a doozy. Champion’s Ballad is the second DLC pack for players to explore and experience. Along with a new story and shrines, users can search out rare pieces of armor from this adventure series iconic past. One of these pieces is Ravio’s Hood which is first seen in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Ravio was a shopkeeper who seemed particularly helpful during Link’s adventure. There are a few steps to obtain this Hood and one section will involve fighting off some tough foes.

To start this quest, open up your Adventure Log and select the side quest called EX Treasure: Merchant Hood. This will place a marker in the Deya Village Ruins where you’ll need to go and read a journal that details various clues for the new EX armor pieces. For the Merchant Hood the journal entry reads: “The traveling merchant’s hood is in the right hand of the dragon that consumes the Spring of Courage at Dracozu Lake.” Thankfully, this location isn’t far from your current location so head South East.

Breath of the Wild Ravio Hood

Collin MacGregor

You can either just walk to this location or glide down to it via either the Dueling Peaks or Faron Tower. Once you get there you’ll want to be ready for both a close and a ranged battle. There are a ton of Lizalfos in Dracozu Lake and even a Black Moblin hanging near the Spring of Courage entrance. Focus on slaying the various Lizalfo archers that will line the sides of this area. They fire Shock Arrows so you’ll want to eliminate them before advancing towards the dragon statue. When the archers are down, make your way to the mouth and slay the two Lizalfos and Moblin that are by the entrance.

Collin MacGregor

The EX Chest is located in the right stone claw of this dragon statue. Run over to it and climb your way up the rocks until you can jump to the claw. Climb underneath to find Ravio’s Hood hidden in a chest that’s buried in a corner under the fingers.  Use Magesis to pull the chest up and then open it to collect your new item. Sadly Ravio’s Hood doesn’t have any special properties in the base, non-upgraded version. There is only one benefit to this item and that’s the increase to your sideways climbing speed.

Ravio’s Hood comes with a base 2 armor defense so there isn’t even a ton of protection for those that wear it. Ravio’s Hood is really only good as a collection piece and nothing more. The description of the hood is the following: ” The hood of a traveling merchant who had a bracelet that could turn the wearer into a painting. Wearing it increases our sideways climbing speed. It’s a rather rare find.” Sadly, unlike Zant’s Helmet this item really has no value since the Climber’s set is just objectively a better armor piece. for climbing. That being said, Ravio’s Hood is probably one of the cutest items in Breath of the Wild.

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