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Carrie Underwood Performs “Cry Pretty” at the 2018 ACM Awards


Recording artist Carrie Underwood performs during the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on April 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carrie Underwood took the stage tonight at the 2018 ACM Awards to perform her new song “Cry Pretty”. Prior to performing, she warned fans that she might look “a bit different” after a “hard fall” at her home resulted in over 40 stitches to her face, along with surgery. But, had we not known about an accident, we never would have noticed anything on her face. Underwood piled on the makeup, with glittery tears, contouring and rouge on her cheeks, so it was hard to see a scar of any kind. She also had her hair in her face, as it was parted to the side.

At the end of her performance, Underwood got a standing ovation and several tears were seen from audience members who cheered her on. She stood on stage for about thirty extra seconds and it almost looked like she would address the crowd. Underwood humbly nodded, appearing grateful for the applause and acceptance.

Prior to Underwood taking the stage, ACM Awards host Reba McEntire, according to People, said, “Well, the main thing that I’m looking forward to seeing Carrie is to see Carrie. I am looking forward to going over and hugging her neck and saying that I’m glad she’s back in the swing of things.” When announcing Underwood’s performance tonight, McEntire said that she was so happy to see her back on stage.

Tonight was her first performance since her accident in November 2017, where she injured both her wrist and face. The incident occurred just a few days after Underwood co-hosted the 2017 CMA Awards with Brad Paisley.

Not only was Underwood a performer tonight, she was also a nominee for Best Vocal Event of the Year and Best Female Vocalist of the Year.

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