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Chad Camp: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chad Camp (Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Chad Camp, 26, of Portland, Oregon, is accused of repeatedly groping a 13-year-old girl aboard an American Airlines flight from Dallas, Texas, to Portland, Oregon. Despite being advised by a flight attendant that other seats were available, Camp chose to sit in a middle seat of the airplane next to the teen. He was arrested when they flight landed and is being held without bail.

Here’s What You Need to Know

1. He’s Is Charged With Abusive Sexual Contact

Chad Camp

Chad Camp (Facebook/Chadchadingtion)

Chad Cameron Camp has been charged with abusive sexual contact after he allegedly groped an unaccompanied 13-year-old girl on an American Airlines flight, according to Oregonlive.com. According to a criminal complaint filed by an FBI agent, Camp leaned against the girl, touched her with his elbow, nudged her, and placed his hands on her knee and upper thigh.

In an interview with agents, the teen said the man was mumbling and cursing to himself, and tried to make small talk. As Camp leaned towards her, she moved away, according to the complaint.

2. He Was Advised Other Seats Were Available

Chad Camp Chad Camp (Facebook/Chadchadingtion)[/caption]

3. The Victim’s Family Is Planning a Civil Suit Against the Airline

4. He’s Being Held Without Bail

Chad Camp


5. He Claimed to Be in ‘Recovery’

Chad Camp


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