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Cloe Feldman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


A 20-year-old YouTuber from Florida has the whole world asking, “Yanny or Laurel?” On May 14, Cloe Feldman, who goes by the moniker CloeCouture on Twitter, posted an audio clip and asked if people heard, “Yanny or Laurel?” The sound that the user hears depends on the level of bass on the device that a person listens on. On her Twitter page, where Feldman boasts over 200,000 followers, she refers for herself as a “princess” who is “living my own fairytale.” While on Instagram, Feldman draws in over 1 million followers.

Feldman began her YouTube channel in 2011 where she usually tackles beauty, style and clothing tip as well as some posts about music trends. Feldman also goes by the name Cloe Breena in her YouTube life, Feldman writes in her About section, “My channel is my fictional dream world. I can make anything happen in my videos, and I want my subscribers to know that they can create anything they want in life! I also make videos about my life, trends, and teen advice.”

Now, thanks to the Laurel/Yanny debate, Feldman is about to become one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Feldman Says Her YouTube Channel Has Made Her Confident

Feldman is a student at UCLA. The school newspaper, the Daily Bruin, ran a feature on Feldman in January 2016. Feldman told the newspaper, “(My channel has) completely changed who I am. Now I don’t really care what anyone thinks of me. It’s made me able to be my silly, confident self.” Feldman says she set up the channel when she was in the eighth grade in 2011.

2. Feldman’s Mother Lost a 17-Year Battle With Cancer in 2016

Feldman announced in a heartbreaking February 2016 video post that her mother, Hilary had lost her 17-year battle with cancer. During that video, Feldman described her mother as someone who always went “through life with a smile on her face.” Hilary Feldman was 48 years old.

3. Feldman’s Family Have Also Gotten Involved in Vlogging

Mia Feldman sexy photos

Instagram/Mia FeldmanFeldman pictured with her sister, Mia, at Coachella in 2018.

Feldman’s sister, Sage, is heavily involved in the video production of CloeCouture as she is the videographer. In the 2016 Daily Bruin piece, Sage Feldman defended her sister’s choice to continue making videos despite the demands of college life saying, “If anyone else was in Cloe’s situation, they might have just stopped making YouTube videos. Her whole channel was taken away from her, but Cloe was very persistent on getting it back.”

4. Feldman Has Been Romantically Linked to Fellow YouTuber Cameron Dallas

After creating a video with fellow YouTuber Cameron Dallas in February 2017, the pair were the subject of romantic rumors, reports J-14. Thanks to the rumors, Feldman says that she was subjected to “some not so nice” messages from some of Dallas’ more avid fans. Speaking to the website, Feldman said, “Nothing happened between us, we never dated and I would really appreciate it if all the Cameron Dallas fans would stop posting angry pictures of me. After that collab, I literally got so much hate from these Cameron Dallas fangirls, like you guys, I didn’t do anything! But he’s a really chill guy and the videos turned out great. It was a good collab, but it was business.”

5. Don’t Worry There Is a Logical Explanation for the Laurel/Yanny Debate

Thankfully there is a logical explanation for the whole Laurel/Yanny debate. Speaking to the New York Times, the principal investigator at the voice perception laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles, said, “The acoustic patterns for the utterance are midway between those for the two words. The energy concentrations for Ya are similar to those for La. N is similar to r; I is close to l.” The Times article goes on to mention that there is also the possibility that the levels of bass the person listens to can affect the hearing as can the listener’s age.

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