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Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light Review

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Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light
When it comes to growing crops indoors, the kind of light that you use has perhaps the largest impact on the size of your harvests. Finding just the right amount of light is another story as well. Thankfully, there are unique lights like the Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light from Hydro Grow LED. Here, you’ll find everything that you need to know about it and you’ll see just why you can have the best grows of your life once you make the switch and enjoy everything that it has to offer your plants.

It is important to understand, first of all, just how much Hydro Grow LED cares about the quality of their products. With countless hours growing, and years of performing research, they have built up a knowledge base that informs every decision that they make.

They know what doesn’t work, but more importantly they know exactly what your plants need in order to be as healthy and as large as possible in an indoor grow. Their entire catalogue of LED grow lights are stellar, but for many people the Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light is far and away one of the greatest option on the market today.



Without taking up an incredible amount of space, it is hard to point out every single great thing about the Extreme 21X-PRO LED grow light. This lamp is truly one of a kind and you should consider all of these things before you ever make the mistake of looking anywhere else.

-Only The Highest Quality Light

With PAR output that is unmatched anywhere in the industry, this lamp provides you with the highest quality light possible, making sure that your plants have everything that they need to grow tall, healthy, and potent. The light that it emits is tailor suited to growing large crops and has the ability to penetrate the canopy and activate photosynthesis in a way that will certainly lead to incredible results when it comes time to harvest.

-High Efficiency Rating

There are a lot of powerful grow lights on the market today. They can blast your plants with incredible amounts of light and keep them growing strong, but there is a problem that comes with most traditional forms of lighting in that they are incredibly inefficient at how they use the power you send to them. That wasteful nature causes you to spend almost twice as much money running them as you would on an LED grow light. For instance, this 36 watt LED light can easily replace 90 to 100 watts of power from an HID light. This also means you spend half the money running the lights, giving you more profits to enjoy after each harvest.

Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light Review


-Never Worry About Replacements

If you have used fluorescent tubes in the past for your grows, you are familiar with the fact that they typically last around 15,000 hours. A problem also comes in that they can often begin to lose efficiency as time passes, giving you even less light. This particular LED grow light can last for 50,000 hours with ease, giving you many more grow cycles without ever having to worry about replacing them. Eventually they will have to be replaced, of course, but for the most part you can simply set it up and enjoy the incredible harvests for years without even thinking about replacements.

Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light

Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light

-Unmatched Temperatures Management

Traditional grow lights can pose a major problem when it comes to the temperature of your grow op. It is important that there be a bit of heat, so that your plants stay healthy, but the 500 degree heat coming off of HPS systems is far from what your plants need. LED grow lights, in comparison, can be touched after hours of use. That is how cool they run. With the addition of custom copper core heatsinks, there is no reason to ever think that heat will be a problem inside of your grow. This also means that you will not have to worry about adding extra ventilation and fan systems that will bring in cool air. This saves space, making it easier to move around your grow room, but it also saves on electrical bills.



As with all LED reviews, it is not an easy task to find negative things to say about them. LED lights are, at the end of the day, the best option for most growers. There are still, however, two things that you should think about if you in the market for an upgrade like this.

-Small Coverage

The Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light has a coverage area of 1’X1’. That might not seem like much, but for such a small light it is actually pretty good. The ability to use it as an addition to your existing lights as well can make it a strength more than a weakness. If you want the simplest grow possible, this will be a concern, though. For small indoor grows it is important to have the right amount of light, so take this kind of thing into consideration.

-The Price Tag

This is certainly more expensive than traditional lighting systems, especially when you consider the amount of space that this LED light can cover. It can cost up to $1,000 for a 4’ X 4’ grow room, so many people are turned away thinking that it simply isn’t worth the money. In reality, this kind of grow light is easily worth the amount of money you spend at the start once you start taking all of the other savings into consideration. Some still won’t be able to afford it, but if you can afford it and have dismissed these lights before based solely on the price, it is time to take another look.

checkFinal Verdict

This single light might not be the final answer to all of your indoor grow needs, but it is a very powerful LED grow light that will help you take control of your grow and bring everything to the next level. Hydro Grow LED consistently ranks among the best possible company to buy from, so why would you ever want to miss out on an opportunity like this? Check out the Extreme 21x-PRO LED grow light and you’ll have incredible harvests like you never thought were possible before. That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

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