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G8LED 240W LED Grow Light Review

Quick Reference
G8LED’s 240W LED grow lights output 8 PAR bands plus IR and UV from 128 3W long-life LEDs. Runs from any 110-240VAC power source and comes with cord and hangers.

Key Features

  • 128 3W LEDs with 8+ bands of growing spectrum
  • The same light output at half the power of a 400W HID lamp
  • Spectrum bands cover vegetative and flowering cycles
  • High-quality driver circuitry to achieve 50,000 LED life
  • Runs cool to the touch
  • Size and weight: 16 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches and 7 lbs.
  • Runs on 110VAC or 240VAC mains
  • Covers bed sizes 2 by 3 feet and larger with excellent canopy penetration


G8LED’s 240W LED grow light is the junior member of G8LED’s well-known indoor gardening products. Its unique 8-band PAR plus IR, UV-B and 6000K spectrum provides optimal wavelengths for robust, healthy vegetation all the way to and through the flowering stage.

It outputs the same amount of light as a 400W HPS or MH lamp but without a ballast, surplus heat and frequent lamp burn-outs. Though it is called a 240W light, it actually uses less than 200W of power, so it is twice as efficient as a 400W HID lamp too.

As with all G8LED grow light products, the build and circuit quality is unmatched by rivals. The 128 3W LEDs are rated for a lifespan of 50,000 hours or 15 years. You will never change a lamp again.

The key to long-life LEDs is current control and proper heat management. G8LED’s lights use the best quality Zener diodes in their LED driver circuits, large heat sinks and plenty of ventilation fans to keep the LEDs running cool and at optimum light output.

It is all surrounded by a sturdy housing and supported by quality power supplies. G8LED offers a 2-year warranty on everything they build.



  • Perfectly sized for small gardens or as a supplemental grow light
  • 50,000H/15-year LEDs
  • Zener diodes for superb voltage/current protection
  • Unique 8+ band spectrum includes deep-red, IR, blue and UV
  • 2-year warranty


  • The fans could be quieter
  • Additional red UFO recommended for better flowering yield

What Buyers Are Saying

Note that there is a “bloom” version of the G8LED 240W LED grow light that shifts the overall spectrum more to the red end. Ask your supplier about this if you are interested in emphasizing flowering over veg growth.

Most buyers of this light use a 4 ft. by 4ft. bed with excellent results, which is more than twice the nominal area that G8LED specifies for this lamp. A lot of HPS or MH systems are going up for sale on eBay by buyers impressed with the power of this grow light. They are happy to see their power bills drop by $50 or more per month and to do away with the fans and ducts that were needed to exhaust the heat from their previous HID or T5/T8 systems.

Not everyone is happy of course. Some unscrupulous sellers have shipped cheap 1W LED clones and a very few buyers experienced partial LED failures. The lucky ones bought from reputable G8LED distributors and had their lights replaced with new ones in short order.

checkFinal Verdict

This smaller grow light in the G8LED portfolio performs just as well as its bigger brothers. It is a superb buy, especially for growers who want to try the switch from old HID technology to LEDs or those with restricted growing spaces. As a hobbyist light it is hard to beat, but larger scale grows should look into G8LED’s bigger lights such as the 450W model.

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