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Growing Tobacco Indoors

Tobacco pipe

Growing tobacco indoors takes a bit of care. Tobacco seeds are very tiny and can easily be damaged. They are among the smallest seeds of plants grown indoors. It’s important to know the difference between species of seeds. Some seeds are grown for snuff, pipe and cigar tobacco. Each of these products requires a different variety of seeds. For example, snuff tobacco originates from Shirey, Virginia Gold or Del Gold seeds. Pipe tobacco seed varieties include Stag Horn, Del Gold and Black Sea Basma. For cigar tobacco, the seed varieties include Black Sea, Black Stalk Mammoth and Black Sea Samsun.

Tobacco Seedlings

Tobacco Seedlings. Photo by biologycorner

To grow tobacco indoors, be aware that these plants require more watering than other indoor plants might. Since tobacco is not grown in volume in the US any longer, it’s a good idea to check online sites like The Tobacco Seed Company in the UK to purchase seeds.

Caring for Indoor Tobacco Plants

Tobacco Plantation

Tobacco Plantation. Photo by Bojan Rantaša

There are several things to know about growing tobacco indoors. Choose planting pots that are at least two gallons in size. This prevents the roots of the plant from crowding in the soil.

For tobacco plants to fully mature, they need plenty of heat and light. Choose a sunny, warm location indoors that provides a copious amount of sunlight and heat. Obtain additional light or a heat with plant lamps. Tobacco seeds also need soil rich in nutrients. Add fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potash to the planting soil before sowing seeds. Allow the soil to rest for a week before planting.

Tobacco Seed Germination and Growing Tips

Tobacco seeds will germinate in approximately five to seven days. Due to the size of tobacco leaves, plant two to three seeds at least six inches apart in pots, on top of the soil. Later, with a little more care, it’s possible to minimize the size of the plant and hybridize it so it grows in miniature.

Once tobacco plants take root and leaves begin to grow, remove smaller leaves and offshoots. This helps increase the growth in the major portions of the plant. Tobacco plants also produce pretty flowers in yellow, purple and red. Some indoor tobacco growers often include tobacco additives to their growing process.

Indoor Tobacco Plants

Indoor tobacco plants require special care including frequent watering, light and heat profusion, rich soil and room for growth. Even with the additional care, indoor tobacco growers find these plants to be an interesting addition to their indoor gardens. They enjoy more control over the organic composition of the tobacco they harvest from their plants. Indoor tobacco planting is an answer to the high cost of tobacco products at present. There’s relatively little difference between the amount of care required for growing tobacco indoors, than for exotic plants like orchids.

How to Create a Miniature Tobacco Plant

Indoor garden lovers are always concerned about space with their garden plants. One way to avoid excess growth with tobacco plants grown indoors is to train them to grow smaller. This is a technique used for Bonsai trees. To do this, simply begin to remove no more than one-third of the root system. This can be done when replanting to a new pot or, when separating roots to create new tobacco plants. Roots of tobacco plants are sturdy enough to withstand minimal root cuttings. Begin to cut the roots of the first plant and place in a new planting pot. Be certain that the soil has the same nutrient value or the original plant may go into “shock.” Leaves will turn yellow, dry and begin to fall off when this occurs. Plant the new roots at least three inches into the soil.

Another method is to allow the original plant to mature and “return to seed.” Pluck seeds from the sepal as they begin to appear. Store them in a dry place until it’s time to plant. As with all tobacco seeds, plant atop the soil in a warm, sunny place. However, it isn’t necessary to plant these miniatures in large pots. As they begin to reduce in size, they will grow easily in half gallon pots.

Freshly Grown Tobacco

The aroma of freshly grown tobacco is unmistakable. Coupled with the pretty flowers and large lush leaves, growing tobacco plants indoors makes a nice change from the usual types of indoor house plants. Note that there are quite a number of specialty varieties available for sale online at http://heirloomtobacco.com/Resources.html. These are referred to as heirloom tobacco gardens. These gardens include varieties of tobacco from countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Turkey, Peru, Iran, Cuba, India, Honduras and Guatemala. Many of these varieties are hybridized to meet specific traditional tobacco properties highly prized by tobacco lovers for generations. Purchase seeds for these varieties online to start an heirloom tobacco garden.

Grown Tobacco Indoors in Any Climate

Since growing tobacco indoors has become so popular in recent years, it can be grown indoors in any climate with the right care. For gardeners in the northern hemisphere, it’s important to induce tobacco plant growth indoors artificially during severe winters. For these indoor gardens, invest in plant lights, heaters and fine spray misters to insure the proper growing environment.

Freshly Grown Tobacco for Your Pleasure

Once the indoor tobacco grower is accustomed to the needs of tobacco plants, the process of growing tobacco indoors grows simpler and easier. Freshly grown tobacco is a luxury to be enjoyed for personal pleasure or to present to others as gifts. Save several cuttings to replant in decorative pots to be used for gifts for family or friends who are interested in growing their own tobacco. These make wonderful gifts for a groom, employer or fellow co-worker.

Study the drying process for cigarettes, cigars and snuff for your own smoking needs. There are online guides available for harvesting, processing and drying tobacco from indoor plants. Study these to learn more about the final phase of growing tobacco indoors. Then, sit back and enjoy the freedom of your personal tobacco brand handpicked freshly from your indoor garden.

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