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How Long Is ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 9?

What is the run time for Game of Thrones episode 9, Battle of the Bastards? (HBO)

“The Battle of the Bastards” is going to be an episode of Game of Thrones that you likely won’t forget. Every episode is memorable, but the penultimate episodes — right before the finale — tend to have amazing cinematography, storylines, and plot twists every season. It’s likely that tonight’s episode won’t be any different. But just how long will the episode be?

According to Winter Is Coming, episode 9 is going to be 60 minutes long. This is the longest of any episodes yet this season. Only the finale will be longer, because it’s scheduled to clock in at a whopping 69 minutes.

Just to put this in perspective, the run times of the other episodes this season were 54 minutes, 53 minutes, 59 minutes, 57, 52, 51, and 59. So a 60-minute long episode is definitely the longest.

Tonight’s episode is going to be directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who also directed “Hardhome.” In case you don’t remember, “Hardhome” brought us this:

night king 2


Considering how amazing that episode was, we’re not expecting anything less from tonight’s 60-minute-long epic battle.

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