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Kids Lose Creativity to Technology

One of the major threats in society today is the loss of creativity in our youth. This fear was first created by the motion by states and local governments to remove many of the more artistic programs from their school curriculum. However, the cause runs far deeper and is built off of the entire structure of our society today.

The first major cause for concern about youth and creativity came when local and state governments pushed to remove artistic programs from the schools. Art and music were either removed entirely or significantly reduced in scope in the schools, in an effort to save money by removing what many people considered optional programs. However, in removing these programs, children lost one of the few times during the school day in which they were allowed to think freely and to express themselves in their own unique manners.

However, where this loss of creativity runs deeper is in children’s activities after school. Where kids used to play outside regularly and use their imagination to supplement their games, kids today now have video games, cell phones and laptops to keep them occupied. As a result, kids now spend more time in a controlled environment where their actions are predefined and their thoughts limited. By entertaining these practices, children are thinking less for themselves and losing much of their creative thoughts.

Overall, we can’t stem technology but we can try and promote a broader array of activities for our children. Try and get kids involved in more activities that require free thinking in addition to having them play their games and use their computers. In the end, we will have a more creative society that is better at expressing itself freely.

Source by Martin Fister

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