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Learn Article Marketing – Here’s How to Do it Right!

Why all the buzz about learning article marketing? Yes, why write an article about your business niche? The quick answer is this: online articles are the fastest and one of the easiest ways to begin telling people about yourself and what you do. It is now recognized as one very helpful tool for creating massive awareness for any online activity.

Do you find this hard to comprehend? I give you a vivid example: imagine that you have written and posted some articles at some ezine directories. Now when these are accepted, the directories make your articles visible to millions of their website visitors (besides those directed by search engines as they typed in topics related to what you’ have written about).

Suddenly an article you submitted to just one website is now syndicated in such a way that a worldwide audience has access to it. Let’s say in a month 300 persons read the article. And let’s further assume that out of this number only 30 persons (10%) decided to visit your website or emailed you asking for more information about your business.

Do you know what has just happened? You have successfully created potential affiliates or buyers for your products or services. And if you have a website or a blog, this publicity can potentially increase your page ranking. And do you know that this feat can be achieved in a matter of days rather than weeks or months?

Yes, the moment your articles are accepted by the ezines they (the articles) begin to bring traffic.

Here is How to Do It: 1. Begin by thinking about a topic that you fully understand. Of course this does mean you ought to be a sort of know-all before you can start. Actually you can obtain additional information or update your knowledge about any topic by researching the topic on the internet. You could also ask a mentor for ideas concerning a particular topic. The important thing is to provide factual, accurate, and up to the minute information about whatever topic you decide to write about. That is what will make people to want to come back to you the next time they seek information on issues.

2. Check out what is in the news. Your articles will stand a better chance of being picked up by search engine spiders if the topic covered is currently in the news. Moreover if the topic is hot, you can be sure it will attract potential readers. Having identified a particular topic that other webmasters are talking about, find a way to contribute meaningfully with your own unique article. Read through a few of what others have already said and say something else; add a fresh insight to the discussion. Most readers will love your article for its uniqueness.

3. Check against errors. Use a good word processor to ensure that your article is free from embarrassing grammatical and other errors. Microsoft word has always served me well in this regard. But that still does not absolve you of the need to proofread the final article BEFORE submitting to ezines. There are some types of errors that computer software just cannot detect. Just as there may be a few corrections suggested software which you may have to overrule. So proofreading the entire article when you are done writing is crucial.

5. Provide information about yourself. This is often contained in the resource box of the article submission page. Your name, email address and or website are vital information you must provide. You may also want to give a one-liner about your area of expertise in the resource box.

Having taken care of the 5 steps above, submit your articles to prime article directories and watch the viral effects that will follow. Article marketing is one tool no online marketer dare overlook. It is one of the most effective ways to gain massive visibility and traffic for your online business.

Source by Sandra Essex

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