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LED Lights – New Uses for LED Lights

Christmas lights – that is probably what comes to mind when they are mentioned. But there’s more to these lights than just that. In fact, more and more new uses for them have been developed.

How did LED technology start? LED stands for light-emitting diode. A diode, in simple terms, is a kind of material that has two electronic terminals which direct electric current in one direction. It was first created by a Russian in 1927 but it took several decades before any use for it was found. In 1962, the red LED was developed by Nick Holonyak Jr. and for that, he was touted as “The Father of the LED”. But, because of the costly nature of producing LED, it was considered to be of no practical use. Companies and organizations experimented on various ways to make the production of LED cheaper. During that time, LED was mostly used in laboratory equipments. Along the way, more colors were also developed.

Today, as technology becomes advanced, more and more new uses for them are being introduced. LED is also fast becoming a popular alternative source of light. More households now prefer to use LED lights because they are more energy-efficient and they last longer than incandescent lights. It has been proven that LED lights use ¾ less energy and has a life span of up to 50% longer. Another benefit is that LED lights do not contain any toxic substance or chemical like mercury, and unlike fluorescent and incandescent lights, they do not give off carbon dioxide. On a commercial scale, they have taken the place of metal halide and fluorescent lighting fixtures in establishments like the Los Angeles International Airport.

This shift toward the usage of LED lights is rather obvious; one can see LED technology used practically everywhere — commercial signs, industrial lighting, street and tunnel lighting and even aircraft and vehicle lighting. Other new uses for them are: as treatment for ailments like osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and even for burn or wound healing through the LED’s light therapy. Heat emanating from the LED is said to help in the healing process. This technology is also now being used in the beauty industry as it is believed to be an anti-aging treatment, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acnes, and other facial scars or blemishes. In fact, it has become such a hit that portable, over-the-counter light therapy devices are now available in the market.

Source by Lydia Quinn

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