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LEDs Have an Overwhelming Advantage in Energy Saving and Environment Protection

Light emitting diode, or LED, is a solid-state device that directly converts electric energy into light. The core part of LED is a semiconductor chip with two sides which are connected to a positive and a negative power lead respectively, and it is entirely encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure. LED can shine and give off different colors depending on the materials used to make the LED chip.

LED has been regarded as power indicators for electronic devices for a long time until recent years. With more and more people start to realize the importance of energy saving and environment protection, this new light source is applied to more lighting areas, such as in the field of auto, commerce, industry and backlight source technology for LCD TVs with large screens.

Electricity is a resource of vital significance for producing on the earth. There are many water, thermal and coal power stations built to meet the requirement for electricity all over the world. Huge amount of electricity are wasted in the past years, which urges people to turn to environmental friendly resources. LED is one of the initiatives.

LED was widely used in traffic lights in the past, which made theses lights flexible in various form as well as less in electrical cost. The result that LED can perform well in other fields is proved by many researches and surveys. As a matter of fact, LED lighting in other places have helped save a lot in terms of electricity. Aside from the electricity, this kind of lights is also helpful in other energy sources related to the ordinary light bulbs.

LED has a tendency to normal light bulbs considering the factor of low power consumption. The lifespan of a single LED bulb is 50.000 hours, several times longer than that of a normal light bulb. LED occupies such a great share in the market that nearly eliminated the need of common filament bulbs. LED lights are designed with various sizes, shapes and colors, and provide a wide range of selection for customers. Lighting is more than a tool for illumination but decoration to show the taste of person.

Of course there are other advantages except energy saving and environment protection in terms of LED, such as firm and durable as LED lamps are resistant to vibrational shocks. They are ideals for applications need to on and off frequently. LED lights are the best choice for many people. The related integrated circuit is KDS120.

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