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Lights Emitting Diode (LED) Televisions

 A  new  generation of televisions has arrived in the market world wide. It is the  LED  display television. The word  LED  means “ Lights  Emitting Diode”.  It has been quite some time already since the  technology  been found and it has been under researched for improvement.  Lately, this product has replaced the television display.  This has given the television a major breakthrough in display  technology . No doubt that this  LED  display has given the finest and sharpest images for all time compared to the conventional LCD or the Plasma displays televisions.

The LED display also enables the thickness of the television to be greatly reduced to what we called ultra slim.  With this feature, it just feels like hanging a picture with the frame on the wall and imagine the spaces that you can saved in your living room.

By using  LED  panels or displays, energy consumption for a single television can also be reduced up to 40% compared to the current one.  Lately we just had what we called the “Earth Hour” an event for the countries that have joined to shut down electrical usage for a hour across the world.  People are urging us to reduce energy consumption to create awareness to reduce the carbon emission.  Today,  televisions have also taken a great step forward to reduce the energy consumption on it. 

Most of the  led  television has now being made by environmental friendly materials.  For example, a  leading  television manufacturer has come up with a mercury free television lately.  It is so remarkable and looks like the manufacturers a heading and trying to be more and more environmental awareness. Well, this is actually a very good news for all of us.

Lastly, I would like to talk about  LED  television is also an “Internet Ready”.  Before, what I knew was that word “Internet Television” only talking about how to download something from the internet and by using your personal computer to work on it.  Now, with this television, you can just plug it in and use it as your computer screen.  You can download your movies, songs, games and etc. Most of the plugs are provided.  Just plug in your favorite digital images and start to have fun with it.

The “ LED  technology  has given the televisions a major breakthrough in terms of environmental friendly and internet user friendly compared to the previous one.

Source by Francis Leong

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