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MARS HYDRO REFLECTOR SERIES 48The MARS HYDRO REFLECTOR SERIES 48 Lights are a great value with a light reflection design that is becoming more and more popular in the LED grow light industry. While other (non LED) grow light systems have long used reflective designs to maximize the light to target, the LED grow light industry is just figuring out the benefits and the methods to use reflective surfaces with the many small light sources arrayed to produce an LED grow light. The MarsHydro reflector series is a new model that combines the powerful 5 watt LED Epistar diodes in the right mix of LED light spectrum with a reflective system to maximize the light on your plants. The compact design, cool operating temperatures and large coverage area makes this series great for small growing areas where there is limited space.The Mars Reflector also feature both a “Grow & Bloom” switch for maximum control and energy savings. You can set your light for Growth and Seeding mode(Veg) or for Bloom mode when your plants are ready to flower.

The MARS HYDRO REFLECTOR SERIES 48 series is the most efficient and cost effective model they offer. Also, don’t be mislead by the number “48” in the model. The MarsHydro Reflector 48 title refers to the fact that there are 48 LED chips in the light, and since each chip is al 5 watt LED, the light has 240 watts of LED lighting power, amplified by the reflective design.


  • Control spectrum settings between Growth / Bloom Mode
  • Premium Epistar ™ 5 Watt High Intensity LEDs.
  • Patented spectrum diffuser offers the best output efficiency
  • Impressive coverage area per watt
  • Maximized energy efficiency
  • Perfect for grow tents & other small of enclosed areas


LED Diode Brand: Epistar™ (HI-LED) High Intensity 5 watt chips

Power Consumption: 120V: 102W±5%

Operating Requirements: 85v-265v Amperage: [email protected] 120v | [email protected] 240v

Coverage Area: 2′ x 2′ (60cm x 60cm)

Hanging Distance: 24″ – 30″ (60cm – 76cm) from the top of your canopy

Product Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ x 2″ (30cm x 30cm x 6cm)

Product Weight: 7 lb. 2.48Kg.

BTU: 409

Decibel Value: 56

Plug Type: EU,UK,AU,USA,Japan

Warranty: 2 years

LED Lens Degree: 90°-120°

LED Diode Count: 48 Pieces @ 5 watts

Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 630nm ,660nm,730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k

We see the MARS HYDRO REFLECTOR SERIES 48 as the best light available for a small grow room or grow tent operation on a limited budget.

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