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Monster Hunter World: Best Build for All Monsters


Every monster in Monster Hunter World requires a specific armor and weapon set to take it down in the most efficient way possible. So let’s break down the monsters and see which item sets are the best ones to use against each one.

Note: This article mostly covers the early game, but it will be updated to include late game armor and weapon sets. It will continue to be updated.

Also, did you know you can create your own loadouts? All you have to do is head to any item box, select “change equipment,” then press the start or options button to bring up a list of loadouts. You can do the same thing from “manage items” to change which items you bring to battle.

Great Jagras

The Great Jagras is the first large monster you’ll fight, so at this point you don’t really need to worry about a specific build for the monster. The monster does not have any elemental attacks and doesn’t require any special weapon elements to combat it with.

However, it is very weak to fire and strong against water. It’s also susceptible to every aliment.

It is recommended that you bring a greatsword, hammer, or bowgun ammo so that you can more easily break its head, legs, and stomach. If it ate something, you can attack the stomach so that it vomits out its prey and becomes severely weakened.


The Kulu-Ya-Ku is a bit more mobile than the Great Jagras, and as such you should bring a speedier weapon like the dual blades or sword & shield to combat it with. It has no elemental attacks so you don’t need to worry about certain armor resistances. It is, however, weak against the water weapon element. You can more easily break its head with greatswords, hammers, and bowgun ammo.


Okay, so here you’re going to have to start doing a bit more specialization. The Pukei-Pukei specializes in poison attacks, so naturally you’ll need armor to help protect against poison as well as a steady supply of antidotes so you can recover if you’re poisoned. It is also strong against the water element and weak against the thunder element. It’s also susceptible to the sleep and paralysis aliments.

Head: Kadachi Helm
Chest: Kulu Mail
Arms: Pukei Vambraces
Belt: Kadachi Coil
Legs: Kulu Greaves

Weapon: Pulsar Shotel


The Kadachi Helm has high defense and the constitution skill which reduces stamina depletion when performing moves like evading, which you’ll be doing a lot when avoiding its spit attacks. The Kulu Mail steps up stamina recovery. The Pukei Vambraces have the poison resistance skill which can reduce the duration of poison or outright prevent it at level three. The Kadachi Coil increases the power of thunder attacks. Finally the Kulu Greaves increases affinity which increases the likelihood of a critical attack.

The Pulsar Shotel is a long sword that balances high affinity with its strong thunder element.


So the thing about the Barroth is that it has a hard layer of mud around its body that will deflect weapon attacks. You can either use Slinger ammo to chisel it off or you can attack with a water weapon. However, once you get the mud off it will become strong against water but weak against fire. It’s also susceptible to poison, paralysis, and blast. It likes to shake off piles of muck off of its body, so bring armor that is resistant against muck.

Head: Jyura Helm
Chest: Jyura Mail
Arms: Jyura Vambraces
Belt: Pukei Coil
Legs: Jyura Greaves

Weapon: Aqua Hammer or Blooming Hammer

All the armor sets in the Jyura family sport high defense, but many of them sport very useful effects for the fight with Barroth. The Jyura Helm has the Aquatics Expert ability which improves mobility in the swamps where the Barroth is located. The Jyura Mail grants increased mobility in the Barroth’s monster muck. The Jyura Vambraces increase the power of water attacks. The Pukei Coil increases the buildup of poison in monsters. The Jyura Greaves has the Focus ability which increases the charge rate of the heavy weapons you’re going to carry.

Heavy weapons like the Greatsword or the Hammer are perfect for a huge, slow monster like the Barroth. You can upgrade the Iron Hammer to the Aqua Hammer with Jyuratodus parts or to the Blooming Hammer with Pukei-Pukei parts. The former will grant you the ability to chisel off the Barroth’s mud armor while the latter will help you poison the Barroth.

Be sure to take some water ammo in your Slinger as well as poison bombs.


The Jyuratodus is similar to the Barroth in that it also has a thick layer of mud covering its body that you can wash off with water weapons. However it’s much more slippery and mobile so you should probably switch to a faster weapon like the dual blades. Also, instead of being weak to fire after having its mud washed off, it is weak to thunder. It’s also susceptible to only stun.

Head: Jyura Helm
Chest: Alloy Mail
Arms: Jyura Vambraces
Belt: Kadachi Coil
Legs: Jyura Greaves

Weapon: Pulsar Shotel

The Jyura Helm has the Aquatics Expert ability which improves mobility in the swamps where the Barroth is located. The Alloy Mail increases water defense. The Jyura Vambraces increase the power of water attacks. The Kadachi Coil increases the power of thunder attacks. The focus skill of the Jyura Greaves will increase the speed of the Spirit Blade gauge of the Pulsar Shotel, granting you powerful attacks.


The Tobi-Kadachi is a speedy monster that jumps from tree to tree, so dual blades or ranged weaponry are recommended. As it moves around the forest, it builds up a charge that grants an electric effect to its attacks. This electric effect can make you more susceptible to being stunned. So be sure to wear armor that resists electricity. Better yet, use traps to keep it from moving around and building up a charge. It’s also weak to water and poison.

Head: Kadachi Helm
Chest: Kadachi Mail
Arms: Jyura Vambraces
Belt: Kadachi Coil
Legs: Kadachi Greaves

Weapon: Madness Axe or Madness Pangas

The Kadachi Helm not only provides thunder resistance but also has the skill of constitution which reduces fixed stamina depletion by 10 percent. The Kadachi Mail adds more thunder resistance and its skill prevents you from being knocked back during a jump. Since Tobi-Kadachi like to hang out in areas with lots of ledges and walls to jump off of, this is a pretty useful skill to have. The Jyura Vambraces increase your water attack. The Kadachi Coil is useful to negate the thunder weakness of the Jyura Vambraces. Finally the Kadachi Greaves boosts thunder resistance substantially thanks to its naturally high resistance and its Thunder Resistance skill.

The Madness Axe switch axe is the perfect balance between power, speed, and reach and its water element can chew through the Tobi-Kadachi. You can also use the Madness Pangas dual blades which are speedy and have the water element. Both can be acquired by hunting Jyuratodus.

Be sure to bring both Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps to cut off the monster’s mobility.

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