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November 4 Protests Live Stream: Watch Refuse Fascism ‘Antifa’ Events Online

Refuse Fascism

Banner by Refuse Fascism for November 4

Today is November 4, the day of the notorious “It Begins” protests calling for an end to the Trump/Pence regime. Depending on which publication you read, the protests taking place around the country are either peaceful protests seeking to call attention to what they believe is a greater problem in our country, or a big Antifa civil war event. Well, the rumors that Antifa is starting a civil war are just that — rumors. Although these are popularly referred to as Antifa protests, the protests are actually not associated with Antifa. This is why “Antifa” was in quotes in the headline. Many popular rightwing sites (including some live streams below) have erroneously referred to the events as Antifa protests. Refuse Fascism is actually the group running the protests. They label their events as nonviolent and even kid friendly in many locations. They are hoping that millions will join the protests and it will last for days or longer — but they don’t want any violence. Of course, nothing guarantees that a rogue group or a rogue person won’t show up at a protest with violent motives, but violence is definitely not the goal for these events. You can read more about their motivations here and their locations here.

Most  protests in most cities won’t officially begin until 1 p.m. or later local time. Some streams may go down periodically. We will try to replace them with new streams as we can

Here’s one live stream of the protests. This is unfortunately from a group that is erroneously labeling the protests as being led by Antifa and trying to push the violence aspect in the labeling, although Refuse Fasiscm has said they do not want violence. It’s still an interesting stream to watch. T

Here’s another live stream. This one gets a little shaky and cuts out sometimes:

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