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‘Pokemon Go’ Ho-Oh: Max CP & Stats

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Ho-Oh is in Pokemon Go

The Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh is now appearing in Pokemon Go’s normal raid battles (not EX raids) until December 12. As with other Legendary Pokemon, we imagine this one will return again on other dates. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of this limited time opportunity now. Wondering what the stats and max CP are for Legendary Ho-Oh? He won’t be around much longer, so it’s best to really focus on catching him now. Here’s the information that will be helpful to you.

Here are the max CP stats for a Ho-Oh that you might catch after a Legendary Raid battle. Note that originally, Ho-Oh’s max stats were projected to be higher (2657 at Level 20, 3986 at Level 30, 4583 at Level 39, and 4650 at Level 40.) But Ho-Oh and other Legendaries’ stats changed three months ago, when Mewtwo’s base stats were changed in the Game_Master file, leaving Mewtwo’s max CP at 3982. This means that not every list of the max CP and stats that you see for Ho-Oh will be accurate.

Here are the more accurate numbers:

  • Max CP at Level 20: 2222 (The catch CP ranges from 2133 to 2222)
    Max CP at Level 40: 3889 (with ATK 239, DEF 274, STA 193)

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