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Portable Solar Battery Chargers and Lighting – Emergency Equipment and An Industry in Remote Areas

Solar battery chargers are a useful tool for camping or traveling to remote places. They can also be handy in emergencies. These chargers are also a great tool for a poor family living without a ready source of electricity.

Say you were camping in a remote area, and your cell phone or portable radio died. What steps would you need to take to regain the power you once had to communicate with the outside world?

Or, in the event of a power outage that leaves the neighborhood without electricity, could you generate enough battery power to endure the emergency?

Imagine a family living in a remote village in a land where hot sun and hungry people are the most plentiful resources. Most of the day is spent working or looking for food. Children are helping, and learning when they can. Portable solar chargers can make a huge difference in the productivity of a working family.

When Dad goes to work it often still dark. He walks for miles to get to the site where he toils all day for a meager wage. His wife may sell vegetables or handmade fabric or trade for rice. They carry water from where it can be found. Their children often help or do small jobs like gathering resources while it is still light.

What a difference a couple more hours of light could make! If the children could read a book by the light of a portable battery powered lamp – and their mother could be nearby making or repairing clothing. If Dad have a little extra time to repair a bicycle or test an electric tool, he might be able to sell it for a profit.

What if she were able to collect a small fee to charge the cell phones or laptops of tourists or others at her vegetable stand? A dollar or two a day could prove a meal that might be missing.

You can assemble or purchase a solar pack with a solar panel, a LED lamp, a radio connector, four mobile phone connectors, and a battery pack. You can then use this solar pack while you are camping, traveling or during emergency situations when power is lost, allowing you to have a radio, cell phone, and light hookup; providing you with safe, clean, and free energy.

You could also donate a solar pack this year to a family who could really benefit from it! Find out how.

Source by Dave Petzold

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