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Pro-ISIS Saudi Brothers ‘Decapitate’ Mother for Opposing Islamic State


Two unnamed, 18-year-old twin brothers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia chased and stabbed their younger brother then returned to kill their mother and father because they were critical of ISIS. Arab News reports that the brothers “were apprehended by authorities after attempting to flee the scene of the crime in the Hamrah district of Riyadh.”

PressTV further reports that some statements suggest that the mother was beheaded by her sons.

Saudi Arabia has been staving off the Islamic State although being intermittently hit by small scale terrorist attacks by the northern Islamist group. Earlier this month, ISIS released a video showing Islamic State sympathizers carrying out a drive-by assassination on Saudi Arabian Colonel Kitab Majid al-Hammadi in al-Dawadmi, west of Riyadh. Watch that here.

ISIS has claimed the area of Riyadh as their “Najd Province.” It is one of two provinces ISIS claims in the region, the other being Wilayat Hejaz.

Saudi Arabia is the main exporter of Wahhabism, a fundamentalist form of Islam that ISIS also adheres too.

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