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RIP Abinta Kabir: Photos of the U.S. College Student Killed by Terrorists in Bangladesh

Abinta Kabir was a college student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia when she was murdered by terrorists in Bangladesh. The terrorists stormed a cafe/bakery, hacking to death 20 people after they could not recite passages of the Koran. ISIS has claimed responsibility, saying the terrorist group is targeting “Crusaders.” Kabir was from Miami, Florida, and was an American citizen. She died along with two other students from American universities, Tarishi Jain and Faraaz Hossain. Kabir was a sophomore at Emory’s Oxford College, which is the university’s two-year liberal arts school. The university’s president said in a statement, “Abinta was visiting her family and friends when she was taken hostage and murdered by terrorists in the attack yesterday in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was able to reach Abinta’s mother, who is in unspeakable pain. Please, as you are inclined, direct your kindest thoughts and sincerest prayers in her behalf and that of her family.” The terrorists stormed the cafe in a diplomatic neighborhood, according to CNN, the New York Times, and other news media sites. Some people were able to escape by jumping off a roof of the restaurant. Two police officers were also killed in the ensuing gunfire. At Emory University, Kabir was involved in extra-curricular activities. Her cousin posted a tribute on Facebook in which she said that Kabir had gone to the cafe to meet friends. “She was only 18. She was as a hostage on Holey Artisan Bakery of Gulshan. She was killed brutally yesterday,” the cousin wrote. Kabir wrote on Facebook that this was her senior photo. She captioned it, “Where did the time go?” (Facebook/Abinta Kabir)

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