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Spectrum King Propogation Lights

Propagator-Grow-Light_Spectrum-King-LEDRecently the Spectrum King propogation lights came across our radar as a revolutionary product promising to impact/improve the cloning process. You have probably never heard of the Spectrum King folks in any of your research about LED Grow lights and manufacturers. They seldom get a mention in growing publications and sites , but based on their pricing and light size are better known at the commercial level of LED grow companies.

All Spectrum King LED Grow lights use CREE LED lights that consistently produce spectrums from 380-779nm. This means that not only virtually every visible color is present in the light, but also ones you can’t see. The Spectrum King Series 300 and Series 400 LED Grow Lights truly mimic sunlight with intensities of over 100,000Lux that they sell at between $995 and $1400, and will manufacture any light solution you need.

There are several very mixed reviews of the Spectrum King LED Grow lights. At this price we would expect glowing product reviews and great customer service. However, perhaps the most interesting and exciting product Spectrum offers is the LED Propagation light. We all agree the best plant source is the cloning of a healthy and known strain of cannabis, and the team at Spectrum has developed a pair of lights to support the cloning process.

They offer the Propagator 12 watt light at around $60 and the Propagator 38 Watt grow light sells for around $100. The lights are:

  • Optimized for Clones and Seedlings
  • Indoor / Outdoor IP62 Rating
  • Patented Passive Air-Flow Convection® System designed to minimize heat
  • PROPAGATOR is designed to last 60,000 hours @ 70% Lumen

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