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The New Trends of the International Printing Industry in 2011

Printing industry in the past year has already shown some new trends, like bio-plastic, or digital displays. They are blowing fresh air into the printing industry, and pointing out the new direction of the development of the printing industry.

First, bio-plastics will shine

Recently, the European Biological Plastics Association, concluded by an opinion poll: The investment on environmental protection is the best way to overcome the crisis. Most companies said they had healthy development in 2009, and some said they even had more than 5% of the growth rate. This is clearly beyond everyone’s expectations. It is understood that a total of 38 plastic manufacturing companies in the survey reported their results of operations in 2010, and their expectations for 2011.

Bio-based biodegradable plastic is completely different from traditional plastic environment- friendly products. Its wide range of applications, such as packaging materials, plastic film, shopping bags and other products can be made into the environmentally friendly plastics. In addition, the application of bio-plastics in the durable products is also increasing, bio-plastics can be seen from the mobile phone hulls to the vehicle parts. Through the use of this material, it is possible to effectively reduce emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Protection of the atmosphere and reducing the use of fossil will be the important driving force for the market development. The advantages of biodegradable material in the product can be fully expressed, but its drawback is a shorter retention time on the shelf.

Second, the increasingly advantage of digital displays

With the large-scale digital displays becoming increasingly popular in Australia, the advertising company had the chance to meet a lot of customers every day, and they have more chances to sell their   LED  and LCD products.  LED  and LCD digital billboards in Europe and the United States have become a thriving industry.

Although the  technology  is relatively  new , it is popular with advertisers. In fact, the people who are fond of this  technology  are really good at cutting down their expenses, as in the previous Beijing Olympic Games and other international events, electronic billboards for advertising can be seen everywhere. They know that if the display resolution is high enough, digital displays will look like a normal TV, so they know the benefits of advertising with digital displays.

There are many obvious benefits of digital advertising, but the market is still reluctant to give up large-format printing soon. Experts predict that these two forms of advertising will coexist for a long time, each of which will serve different markets, and printing should keep abreast of  technology  developments. In short, anything on the computer monitor is more environment-friendly than printed products, of course, printing has its advantages, it can give people an intuitive feeling which is directly perceived through the senses that digital  technology  can not alternate. Of course, in order to make good use of digital billboards, advertisers using the  technology  must be sufficiently flexible, and also have the ability to manage large amounts of information.

Recently survey showed:  New  Digital billboards can significantly improve the efficiency of marketing and staff training, and outdoor displays to attract more passers-by into the store. In addition, approximately 73-85% of consumers believe that such advertising can improve their shopping experience; there are 80% of the managers think that digital displays have a positive impact on consumers’ buying decisions.

Source by Kenny Feng

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