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Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Many a times you must have been shocked by the electricity bill you receive. Its time you took some simple steps to reduce the electricity bills and avoid the shocks. This article will give you tips to reduce the electricity bills.

Use only when needed

Imagine you are sitting in your study. When you leave the room to join your family for dinner or may be, you leave the room to go to another room to take phone call, would you put off all electrical appliances in the study before leaving it? Bet you won’t!

Make it a practice to switch off all electrical appliances before leaving your study, even if you expect to be back in a short time. Radio, TV set, fan and electric   bulb  consume energy when you leave them on in your absence; so turn them off! You would be surprised to find that even these small steps will make a difference to your electricity bill.

Don’t forget that it is these small drops that make an ocean!

Invest in power savers

Invest in devices and equipment that will save your power. Incandescent  bulbs  are not energy efficient as CF Lamps are. Replace incandescent  bulbs  with CFL  bulbs . Also buy power Saver gadget. It helps you in using your electricity efficiently.

Use appliances correctly

It is not the number of gadgets you have art home that inflates your electricity bill; it is the incorrect usage of electrical appliances that causes wastage of energy resulting in higher electricity bills. Here is a check list to use as a starter:

  • Don’t use washing machine unless you have a full load of clothes;
  • Keep air conditioner settings for minimum comfort requirements of cooling (or heating) as required by the weather;
  • Don’t keep water heater on when not required;
  • Computer monitors take a lot of power. Keep it off when you take a break from work. Use screen saver;

Well, you will have got the drift now. This small change in your way of life will save your power bill at home. The small power you save helps the nation and your children’s future.

Source by Jenney Pan

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