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Top Down Camaro: A New Star Rising

After the excitement of the Camaro coupe, General Motors is now ready to set forth a rising star in the form of the Camaro convertible. Earlier, the automaker has released images of the convertible concept to wow the automotive market. Last Saturday, the car kicked off at the North American International Auto Show.

Ed Peper, the Chevrolet general manager said, “For some of us, an emotional bond was formed when we introduced the Camaro coupe last year. It is magnificent. But now this year, if this Camaro convertible doesn’t make your heart beat faster, you should see either your optometrist or your cardiologist, because you have a problem.” Ed Welburn, GM vice president, global design, even added, “The best follow-up to last year’s award-winning Camaro concept is a Camaro convertible. The Camaro convertible concept instantly evokes an emotional response – it’s a vehicle that you want to make room for in your garage.”

The automaker has already expressed its intent to produce the Camaro coupe and it is expected to go on sale in 2009.Though the convertible version of Camaro is not much different from the hardtop, Kevin Tynan, auto analyst of Argus Research said it is a smart addition to the automaker’s show lineup because there is a market for it among the baby boomers and the vehicle also spices up some otherwise technical and practical offerings. Tynan added, “In a year of   technology  and fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly  technology  being more in the forefront, it’s probably not a bad idea to have that wow factor. That’s what it’s for. To have people huddle around and look at it.”

Camaro convertible concept is based on the original Camaro. In fact, it will be using some of the Chevrolet Camaro 2000 body parts but will entertain minor changes to make way for the convertible concept. The exterior dimensions of the original Camaro are retained. However, convertible will be powered by V-8 engine that sends power to the rear wheel through manual transmission. The rising  new  star of the automaker will also feature four-wheel independent suspension system and four-wheel disc brakes.

Dramatic  new  features of the convertible also include tonneau cover over the folded top,  LED  taillamps, “halo” headlamps, heritage-inspired rear fender “gills,” racing-inspired fuel filler door, rear spoiler with  LED-lit  CHMSL, and hood scoop based from Corvette Z06.

The convertible rides on 21-inch front wheels and 22-inch rear wheels. The five-spoke wheels have charcoal center sections with orange outline. The choice of color complements the gunmetal gray stripes on the body of the vehicle. “The  light-on-dark  interior coloring makes a strong statement that conveys the spirit of freedom and fun that is embodied by a Camaro convertible,” said Micah Jones, interior designer.

Camaro convertible is designed to tickle the fancies of young drivers. This is the very reason why the convertible is designed to exude energy, passion, and freedom. “Youthful buyers want a car that makes a statement in its design as much as its performance,” said Brian Smith, exterior designer. “The  new  Camaro concepts bridge heritage with contemporary style, with a design that is simultaneously admired among import-influenced youth and traditional enthusiasts.”

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