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UnderCar Light Kit

Want to light up your life? Many of us have probably been out at night and wondered at those stunning lights coming from under those fancy cars and trucks. The fact is that undercar lights have been around since Hot Rods. Their popularity has grown especially with movies like The Fast and The Furious. The excitement you feel when you see those lights! The attention the vehicle and driver draws. You may have thought you would like to do that to your vehicle. Well now you can do it yourself with undercar light kits. They range in price from $40-$100 or more depending where you buy them.

They are easy to install and you can turn your own vehicle into a stunning light show! This is what is referred to as “pimping your ride!” There are LED and Neon kits. LED kits are not only durable but come in different colors. In some cases they even come with wireless remote control. These kits can be found online at different price points. When you are thinking about buying these kits keep these four things in mind:

-Brightness-some cheaper kits contain poor grade LED’s

-Light Spread- don’t get narrow beam LED’s

-Uniform vivid colors- Make sure tubes are not “washed out”

-Quality and Warranty- You should have high quality and a return policy

LED’s give off a smoother glow and are energy efficient. Neon produces a bright, smooth glow for better ground effect. The problem with neon is that the tubes could crack whereas LED is made from plastic so all you worry about is replacing a bulb. The color selection for neon’s is wide but they don’t have multi-color or pattern. LED carries multi-color and you can change the patterns like zigzag, pulse etc.

You can even control your patterns when away from the vehicle with the use of a remote. If you are looking at price the neon kits are more affordable and are great for what they offer. LED’s are expensive because of all the extras and new features. However, the extra expense might be worth it to have a vehicle that glows and shines! So if you are looking for something creative, unique and eye-catching buy an undercar light kit and get rock in!

Source by Amber Whitman-Currier

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