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WATCH: Zack Ryder Debuts New Theme On ‘SmackDown’ July 7

WWE’s Zack Ryder has a brand new intro, as introduced on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

Though Ryder’s song is still the same, this rock version of it is a bit more upbeat and energetic than the one that had been previously used. The intro also starts with a silent “Woo Woo Woo!” as opposed to the older version where Ryder’s catchphrase was played over the beginning of the song.

The song used for Ryder’s intro is “Oh Radio” by Downstait, the same band that plays The Miz’s theme song, “I Came To Crank It Up.” Ryder is clearly excited about the new music, as he teased it to his fans on Twitter earlier this week.

The WWE’s plans for Ryder are unclear, but many are hoping that he might be given a bit more to do in the upcoming brand split. Although he hasn’t had many storylines on Raw or SmackDown since winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32, fans were surprised to see him bringing Team USA to victory during a 16-man elimination tag team match on July 4th’s Monday Night Raw. He will also have a significant role on July 7th episode of SmackDown.

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The fact that these new developments, and the debut of a new theme, are taking place just two weeks before the brand split are leading many to hope that the WWE may start paying attention Ryder again after years of neglect. SmackDown goes live on July 19th, when the draft will take place.

From Long Island, New York, Zack Ryder has been with the WWE since 2006. When 2011 came around and he found himself unhappy with his role in the company, he decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a YouTube show called Z! True Long Island Story. The WWE was not involved in this show whatsoever, but it soon gained him a massive following on social media and lead to more appearances on Raw and SmackDown. 

Years later, the WWE took over his YouTube show, gave him a series of terrible storylines, and he faded back into obscurity.

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