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What Does IP Stand For? Ingress Protection IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68

Many LED grow lights on the market these days claim to be waterproof, so here we answer the question what does IP stand for? When purchasing lights for your grow setup, you may want to consider the degree to which they are or are not waterproof.

A manufacturer will label their light according to its IP rating, like IP66, IP67, IP68. This is a rating that tells you to what degree can the light withstand or keep out dust and water. This is indicated by the IP code, which stands for International Protection Marking (also interpreted at Ingress Protection Marking).

The IP Code format, comprised of a standard series of alpha-numeric characters, was published by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Its purpose is to help standardize ratings for how waterproof a light is.

For a small grower with a few hand-watered plants, this may not seem critical at first glance, but it is likely to be a key consideration if any of the following variables currently apply, or will apply, to your operation:

  • You might automate your watering system in the future. If you do, you will need to think about sprinkler systems and sprayers potentially damaging non-waterproof lights.
  • You are growing within your living space.  Safety is paramount, particularly if you, or someone you share your home with, is a medical marijuana patient who is impacted by illness, mobility issues, or unpredictable levels of sleepiness/decrease alertness due to medications.
  • You plan to expand your grow operation, and would want to sell or trade your lights for higher-wattage models. Waterproof lights are more desirable by growers than their non-waterproof counterparts, and usually command a higher resale price.

What Does IP Stand For? Ingress Protection

The IP Code is broken down into the following:

  • IP Indication: IP
  • Solid particle protection: single-digit number from 0-6
  • Liquid ingress protection: single-digit number from 0-9
  • Mechanical impact resistance: single-digit number from 0-9
  • other protections: single letter

An X in the code indicates that there is no data available for specifying a rating. A 0 indicates that no protection is provided.

Solid Particle Protection (Digit 1)

IP rating ingress protection

 Liquid Ingress Protection (Digit 2)

IP Rating ingress protection digit 2

Grow lights have two numeric digits after their IP rating. In grow room or tent scenarios, an IP code of 65 is desirable, or IP65. As you can see in the tables above 6 means that the light is dust-tight, and 5 means it is not damaged by water jets. There are a number of well-designed grow lights with this IP code, which would be sufficient for all of your growing needs, now and in the future.

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