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Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Home By Spring’ Filmed?

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Tonight Hallmark is premiering a new spring movie, Home By Spring, at 9 p.m. Eastern. It’s about an event planner who returns to her hometown on a special assignment. But where was the movie filmed? Was it really in St. Francisville, Louisiana? And can you visit the locations yourself? Read on to learn all about where this movie was filmed and how you can visit some of the locations yourself.

According to IMDBHome By Spring was filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; St. Francisville, Louisiana; and Los Angeles, California. This is a departure from Hallmark’s normal settings. Most Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada. Hallmark may have been drawn to the location, in part, because of tax credit incentives in Louisiana, the Pointe Coupee Reporter shared.

Home By Spring was filmed in late winter, during the cold month of February. In fact, filming for this movie just wrapped up a few weeks before it premiered, The Advocate reported. And yes, the film’s setting is actually where the movie was filmed, giving it a very authentic feel.

Kix Brooks said he was thrilled that they got to film in St. Francisville. He said the location “just reeks of something really unique and really different. I can’t believe we’re getting to film down here. This is a real treat.” You can watch his interview here.

St. Francisville is a beautiful location in Louisiana. It’s a small town with a population of 1,712 (as of 2000), located in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area. This town may be small, but has stunning plantation houses and other beautiful locations that make it the perfect location for filming.

Parts of the movie were filmed at City Cafe and the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge. A part-time Baton Rouge actor, Bretty Beoubay, played the role of an event planner in part of the movie. He told The Advocate that he had a one-day shoot in late February that he got from responding to an online casting call. Hallmark’s producers often put casting calls online, so if you’ve ever wanted to be in a Hallmark movie, keep an eye out for casting calls on Facebook.

In St. Francisville, the movie was filmed in multiple locations including the Butler Greenwood Plantation, St. Francisville reported. (Butler Greenwood was the site of a beautiful wedding scene.) A festival was filmed in downtown St. Francisville by the parish courthouse. Despite the cold weather, they needed full-flowered settings for wedding and reception scenes. Production crews spent hundreds of dollars at local florists and nurseries for the movie. St. Francisville loved the attention, with a local movie scout estimating about $1.8 million was spent locally on the movie.

The city is absolutely beautiful and the perfect setting for Home By Spring. If you visit, you’ll also want to stop by the Tunica Hills region for hiking, biking, bird photography, hunting, and kayaking. The region also has art galleries, antique shops, nice restaurants, and overnight stays at beautiful bed and breakfasts.

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