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Where Was ‘Lost in Space’ on Netflix Filmed? [List of Locations]



Some of the scenes in Netflix’s new Lost in Space series for 2018 are absolutely breathtaking. From beautiful icy wonderlands to lush, tropical forests, there are moments when watching this new sci-fi series that the background just takes your breath away. But can you visit any of these locations? Read on for more details about where Lost in Space was filmed.

Lost in Space was filmed in Vancouver and other locations in Canada from mid-January to July in 2017. Molly Parker, who plays the mother Maureen Robinson, said she expected the scenes to be CGI heavy and to spend a lot of time in the studio. But instead, many scenes were filmed on location. In fact, location manager Michael Gazetas told BC Creates: “We filmed in almost every municipality in Metro Vancouver and in other areas of the province, such as Squamish and Kamloops.”

Many of the scenes were filmed around Squamish and in the Seymour watershed, the Vancouver Sun reported. Squamish is a town north of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. It’s at the northern tip of Howe Sound, surrounded by mountains including a granite monolith and a huge waterfall that falls down a series of cliffs. The Brohm Ridge, near Alice Lake Provincial Park in Squamish, was one of the filming locations used. You can see some stunning photos that photographer Jeffrey Mitchell took during the filming here. Here’s just one, which he shared on his Instagram:

Another location was Chek Canyon Recreation Area Sea-to-Sky Highway, according to WhatsFilming.  Here’s a post that was made in Squamish during the filming:

The Seymour watershed, location to many Lost in Space shoots, is in North Vancouver. Here are some photos. Do you recognize any of these locations?

But just because much of the series is filmed on location in Canada, it doesn’t mean that the scenes look exactly like they do in real life. Atlas of Wonders reported that some of the more extreme landscapes actually used heavy CGI to give them a more alien feel. The spike mountains (which you can see in the very beginning of this story) and the giant stone arc we see early on in the series are two examples.




NetflixWill Robinson

WhatsFilming.ca reported that some of the scenes were shot at Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby, Chek Canyon in Squamish, Murrin Provincial Park at Brittania Beach, and Greenwood Park and Lower Seymour Reserve in North Vancouver. In Richmond, 12180 Horseshoe Way was also host to a Lost in Space shooting.

Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver was also home to Lost in Space filming. Location manager Michael Gazetas told BC Creates: “We had the opportunity to collaborate a lot with the community in Lynn Canyon, which was great for the crew and the community.”

It’s great that they took so much effort to find authentic locations. The scenes in this series are absolutely stunning.





Some of the beautiful forest scenes, including some that used fog effects, were filmed at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, from Bear Trail to Ross Road. This forest has also been used for TV series like The 100, The Flash, Battlestar Galactica, and Legends of Tomorrow. So if some scenes felt familiar, that might be why. (As a fun side note: while filming there, Taqueria Del Pueblo catered. They catered for 100 people working late at night, serving beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian, and vegan tacos.)

The producers tried to find locations that hadn’t been used in previous productions, so that it had a more alien feel. Showrunner Zach Estrin told Express: “We needed to find places that people hadn’t shot before because we needed to create a whole new spectacular world.”

Some scenes were also filmed in a field between Ashcroft and Cache Creek, WhatsFilming reported. The location manager told BC Creates that the majority of the 2nd unit filming was done at Cache Creek. Here’s a look at what was going on while they were filming in Cache Creek:

Langley was the home of many “farm” locations, including the Johnson Farm and Emerald Springs, BC Creates reported. Legends of Tomorrow and Travelers have also filmed in these locations.

One of the shoots took place on a glacier in the Mount Garibaldi range, Gazetas told BC Creates. They needed to get a crew of 75 and equipment up the mountain, which required help from the Park Rangers, Conservation Staff, and Sno-cat operators.

And that snow you’re seeing? It’s real. Gazetas told BC Creates: “The production was filmed last winter when we saw extraordinary amounts of snow, it was one of the coldest and snowiest seasons Metro Vancouver ever faced! We did a lot of filming in Watts Quarry, near Squamish and it seemed like the snow was non-stop, there were times when all only access road was buried under several feet of snow, and on one very long night, we had a grader drag out our work trucks one-at-a-time so we could film.”


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