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Who Won the 2016 Home Run Derby?

MLB All-Stars, including David Ortiz, enjoying the view at the Home Run Derby. (Getty)

The Home Run Derby is known for excitement, but this year was even better than advertised. The home runs flew harder and further than ever. Players impressed and moved on to further rounds; some players impressed and it still wasn’t good enough. The power you hope to see was there in a big way, with few disappointments. Early match-ups led to Mark Trumbo facing Giancarlo Stanton, while Adam Duvall did battle with Todd Frazier. Those semi-finals showed off even greater power, leading to a final match-up: Giancarlo Stanton vs. Todd Frazier. The battle of the only two from the Home Run Derby that aren’t actually in the All-Star Game.

Stanton was seen as an early favorite, and certainly played as good as advertised, hitting 24 home runs in the first round and following it up with 17 home runs in the second round, never facing much adversity in his trip to the final round. Robinson Cano never came close, and Mark Trumbo couldn’t put him away despite a solid showing.

Todd Frazier, meanwhile, had to come back against solid totals from his first round opponent, Carlos Gonzalez, and his second round opponent, Adam Duvall. Each time a sudden hot streak had him crushing consecutive home runs until a final one advanced him to the next round.

So who wins the Home Run Derby? This page will be updated as soon as there is a winner.

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