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#XmasGiftsFromTrump: The Best or Funniest Tweets

#XmasGiftsFromTrump, Donald Trump, twitter, Trump nativity sceneTwitter/@charley_ck14

A presidential nativity scene with Trump as baby Jesus (Twitter/@charley_ck14)

December is here and ’tis the season to be snarky, so it’s no surprise that Twitter amused itself by turning #XmasGiftsFromTrump into a trending hashtag. The president’s longtime anti-fans found plenty of fodder to work with, ranging from his recent antics to his longtime personality traits. Here are some of the funniest ones:

Trump’s Critics

Of course the president’s advisers and appointees came in for criticism, such as this jab at Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

You don’t have to miss Sean Spicer to miss Melissa McCarthy’s portrayals of him:

Water bottles featured in more than one popular tweet, alluding to Trump’s bizarre 2013 criticism of Marco Rubio for pausing during a speech to sip water–thus inspiring mockery when Trump himself did the same thing last month.

This meme recalls the president’s legendary lack of humility:

Nowadays the Secret Service detail around the POTUS would prevent any such situation from recurring:

The president of the United States in his younger, spryer days:

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